WOW Sports Testimonials

“Coach Zach from Wow Sports has never ceased to amaze us with his ability to engage our children and their peers in any activity they have been involved in with him. From after school classes, to hockey and baseball leagues to their many sports birthday parties, Coach Zach has always exceeded our expectations as a leader by helping them develop their skills and  also teaching them to have a great time while doing it. His patience, warmth, dedication and fun personality is why we have always considered him an amazing role model for our kids. We couldn’t feel luckier to have him during the year and with our children at Willow Lake” ~ Dana (Parent,North Caldwell)

“Coach Zach is a diamond in the rough. He is one of the most genuinely friendly people I’ve ever met and he gets along great with everyone-children, parents, and the administration. He creates developmentally appropriate activities for the children and they have A LOT of fun!”~ Jill (Temple Director, Westfield)

“Coach Zach takes the time upfront to know each child, and over time, tailors personal instruction based upon their unique skills. He empowers the kids, while keeping the activities fun and makes every child feel like an all star. Coach Zach is second to none!!!” -Emily (Parent, Short Hills)

“Coach Zach’s warmth, energy and ability to connect with kids of every age and athletic ability is what makes him so special. The kids are lucky to have him!” – Erika (Parent, Livingston)