Dream Big at Willow Lake

At Willow Lake, we Dream Big for our campers! We turn these dreams into actions that help our campers grow, discover and achieve their full potential. Our safe and supportive community offers a phenomenal setting to teach our campers life skills that will contribute to success throughout their school year and beyond.

Willow Lake promotes values such as sharing, patience, teamwork and friendship. Campers develop respect for others as well as confidence in themselves from being part of our spirited environment where making friends and being a friend is encouraged daily.

Our staff champions our Dream Big philosophy and our low camper to staff ratio supports constant interaction between staff and campers. This intentionally creates an opportunity for campers to discover their strengths, interests and hobbies that will last them a lifetime.

Each week culminates with an all camp gathering where campers and staff share positive experiences from the week. Campers feel empowered given the chance to acknowledge the success of their groupmates and friends in front of the entire camp community.


Willow Lake campers discover themselves their interests and abilities; their passions and their strengths.


Campers develop self-respect and respect for others and they learn to take responsibility for their words and actions.


We help our campers develop compassion and the ability to express their own feelings and understand and be sensitive to the feelings of others.


Campers learn to recognize ideas and contributions of others. They identify and appreciate similarities and differences amongst their peers.


We intentionally create experiences that help our campers build self-esteem. Memories created at Willow Lake with camp friends last a lifetime.


We encourage our campers to practice kindness, tolerance and to be patient.


At Willow Lake we set high standards for moral and ethical behavior to foster honesty, trust and loyalty.


Willow Lake campers have opportunities to practice generosity. Campers lend a hand, learn to share and experience the power of friendship each day.