Middle Camp

For First & Second Grade Campers

Our Middle Campers have action packed days full of excitement, fun and new challenges. They begin to leave the mini facilities created for the younger campers and venture into main camp where they are exposed to a broader variety of activities.  The larger fields and courts accommodate campers’ growing interests.  Art projects get more involved and skills begin to development at each activity.

First graders are exposed to some new activities highlighted by our awesome low ropes course and the 1st Grade Cup Competition. They also have a late night where parents join us for dinner and a show!



Second graders add high ropes, climbing tower and the lake zipline to their schedule and also have a chance to experience our popular elective program. The elective program allows our campers to customize their schedule for one activity choice a day. The campers concentrate in their selected activity for a week to create an atmosphere where campers can both learn and make friends with other groups in their unit. Second graders have a late night so that parents can enjoy camp, see the theatre performance (for kids involved) and enjoy some activities as well!