Why Willow Lake?

Working at Willow Lake is:

Incredible People

What makes Willow Lake really stand out is the quality of people, both campers and staff, who spend their summers here.   Our camp community is supportive, fun and bursting with enthusiasm and excitement.


We are great at fun!  Fun is what we do.  There are always new activities to try, special events to make you smile and friends to make you laugh.

Making a Difference

Working at Willow Lake allows you to impact campers’ lives in meaningful ways.  You will help create memories that will stay with children forever.  Cheering on campers when they score a goal, encouraging campers to try and climb a little higher and just listening to a camper when they need an ear to hear them out- this is what camp is about…

Small Camp Feel

Our campers and staff both tell us that Willow Lake has a sleep away camp feel.  Our directors and leadership team are easy to approach and we are hands on in the day to day decision making in camp.  Our staff is large enough where you can meet a variety of new friends, yet small enough where nobody is a stranger.


We have been building a camp community filled with tradition for over 40 summers.  While we often add new events, programs and activities each year, we also keep the same traditions that have become the fundamental core of Willow Lake over the years.

Organization and Attention to Detail

We prepare for rainy days, humid and hot days and perfect days.  We dissect the camp schedule each year to evaluate every aspect of it and make sure that it works best for every age group in camp.  We are constantly coming up with new activities, new programs and new special events.  We are also always looking to tweak any existing programs until they work exactly the way we want them to.

Partnering with our Staff

We appreciate and value our staff and believe in giving our staff the tools they need to succeed.  We encourage our staff to be creative and bring new ideas to camp.  We also have a wealth of information of what has worked and not worked in the past.  We share all of this with you during our staff training and are always willing to help guide you before and during the summer.

Great Benefits

Willow Lake is working outdoors every day, interacting with great people, teaching and learning.  Willow Lake is decision-making, public speaking, organizing and initiating.  Willow Lake is free lunch, letters of recommendation and friends and memories that will last forever.