Special Events

Every day at Willow Lake is special, but some days are more special than others!  Our extensive special events are age appropriate and add spirit, tradition and enthusiasm to Willow Lake.  Some special events are camp wide events while others occur just for a smaller group within camp.

  • Olympics
  • Wacky Water Day
  • Carnival
  • MTV Day
  • Talent Show
  • Halloween
  • Disney Day
  • Tattoo Day
  • Graffiti Day
  • Bubble Day
  • Crazy Hat Day
  • Duck Day
  • Magicians, Game Shows & other Performers

We also have a bus calendar which families receive before the summer.  Each ride to camp is programmed to have something special going on and the counselors who are in charge of each bus run contests, events, games and sing-alongs to start the day off right.

Special Events Photos