This aerial, adventure style playground consists of 13 netted bridges, 9 platforms and 1 totally awesome slide. Campers are able to experience independence throughout Skyland in free play unstructured time. Nearly every platform has three or more directions you can choose from so campers can always find new routes and adventure at every turn.

Willow Lake Mining Co.

Welcome to the Willow Lake Mining Company! This mining sluice gives campers the opportunity to use a screen bottom pan in order to sift through mining rough and search for treasures, whether it’s fossils, gems, seashells, shark’s teeth, or Willow Gold. Once they find their fossil or gem, they can take it to the identification stations so they can figure out what exactly they found. And perhaps most exciting – they get to take theirs treasures home!

Lacrosse/Flag Football Field

Our lacrosse and flag football field allows campers to learn the fundamentals of both games. A hands on coach is always on the field coaching or refereeing the games and activities.


Our campers come to find their inner chakras and explore the wonderful world of yoga. Our staff provide introductory classes for our younger campers and our senior campers enjoy a full yoga class experience. From stretching to mindful meditation, we explore all yoga has to offer.


Our 3 manicured softball diamonds house our softball and T-Ball program. We focus on teaching our campers the basic fundamentals including, hitting, fielding, base running and field positioning. All 3 fields are different sizes to allow for age appropriate instruction as campers progress to bigger fields as they get older.


Two age appropriate sized rinks showcase our hockey program where our instruction focuses on teamwork, shooting, passing and stick work.  The lower court for younger campers is shaded keeping our campers cool on even warm days.  The older campers play in our Hockey Dome which is a covered building tucked above the pool complex overlooking our campus.  We also use this building for rainy days, shows and more as the wonderful breeze makes it a perfect spot to meet!

Pedal Karts

We have a fun and exciting pedal kart track that allows campers to enjoy a day at the races. A fulltime staff member maintains a safe environment by making sure each camper wears a helmet before taking to the course and engages campers in races as well as time trials.


Willow Lake has a variety of soccer fields guaranteed to suit each age level and camper skill level. Our Pre-K to 2nd grade campers enjoy using our walled soccer area where the ball is always in play and the fun never stops. For our 3rd grade through 8th grade campers’ instruction, sports leagues and games take place on the upper field. All fields are supervised by amazing specialists who offer fantastic instruction.

Club House and Lakeside

We have separate changing facilities around camp which are separated by both gender and age. Each camper has their own “cubby area” where they can keep their Willow Lake backpack and other items which they would like to remain at camp throughout each day or the summer (extra change of clothes, goggles, towel, sunscreen, etc). Counselors supervise the changing areas and are there to help the campers as needed.

Pool Complex

Willow Lake campers are able to stay cool all summer long in our 4 heated pools. Our pools are used for instructional and recreational swim as well as water polo, water basketball and special events. The Frog Pool, for Pre-K and Kindergarten campers, is 2 to 3 feet deep. Both the Dolphin and Starfish Pools are used for 1st grade campers through 6th grade campers and both start at 3 feet and go as deep as 10 feet deep. Our Starfish Pool is home to our fabulous Double Water Slide. The Shark Pool is where campers 7th through 10th graders swim.


Campers get on a full body harness and a helmet before making their way up netted bridges to the tree tops. There, they are hooked onto one of our dual 450 feet long Skyrider ziplines that go directly over the lake. They can fly solo or they can fly with a friend. Either way, the experience of soaring above camp in unforgettable.


Our tennis program takes place on 3 all-weather courts which are always buzzing with camper activity! We take a fun approach to tennis and individualize instruction to ensure that players of all abilities can enjoy their time on the courts.


Our archery range is a popular activity at camp for campers entering 3rd grade and older. We have 4 target areas which are carefully overseen by a mature, certified staff member at all times.


Gaga is popular for campers of all ages.  Whether it’s an impromptu game or an elective tournament, we love Gaga!

Climbing Tower

Our 30 foot, multi-faced, climbing tower is able to challenge everybody. Overseen by our certified staff, the walls consist of different routes to the top that can challenge even the most seasoned climber. Once you get to the top, you can either be lowered down or you can opt for the excitement of our 200 foot zipline off the top of the climbing tower.


Our basketball complex features 4 courts of varying sizes with adjustable hoops to ensure age appropriate instruction for all of our campers.  We focus on fun and participation, but also offer sports leagues, game situation coaching and clinics for those campers looking for a higher level of competition or instruction.

Beach Volleyball

At our Beach Volleyball court, campers learn serving and setting as well as all the other aspects of volleyball and newcomb.

Lunch Pavillion

Willow Lake campers are served lunch each day at camp. Campers sit together with their bunkmates and counselors and campers are served individual plates of food by their counselors, unit leaders and the food service staff. Our younger campers (Pre-K – 1st grade sit in a separate area so that we can slow down the pace of their day and give them extra time and attention to make sure they have enough to eat.

Fire Pit

Throughout the summer our lakeside firepit is used by our campers. Campers are able to take a break from the day, make a s’more and relax with their friends while witnessing some of the best views Willow Lake has to offer. The activity is always carefully overseen by a mature staff member.

Lake Hopatcong

Campers love heading to Lake Hopatcong (a few hundred yards from camp) for boat rides and hydrotubing. We utilize a secluded cove where we have 4 motor boats driven by 4 full time licensed adult staff who run our program and create a memorable experience for campers of all ages. Pre-K camper take themed boat rides, while Kindergarten campers are able to get towed in our tubes behind the boats at slow speeds with a counselor. As you get older the tubing is catered to your preference for speed and excitement.


Carefully supervised by both a lifeguard and counselors, campers are able to be creative making sandcastles, playing with beach toys or just playing in the sand under the summer sun. Willow Lake campers love our beach!


The Willow Lake Art Complex is teeming with creativity and positive energy! Our diverse art program is housed in several areas in order to provide the most conducive atmosphere for creativity and skill development for every age group. Whether we are tie dying in Arts & Crafts, making amazing jewelry in Leather, Strings and Things, throwing a pot at Ceramics or designing candles at Candle Making, our art center has projects that excite everybody!


Our cooking program takes place inside our state-of-the-art, air-conditioned, professional cooking studio. Our mature cooking staff schedule different themes and recipes that vary each week and always provide our campers with a fun and memorable experience as campers learn to follow recipes, measure ingredients, stir, bake and of course eat their delicious creations. When preparing for each group, our Unit Leaders and cooking staff work together to ensure that campers with allergies are safe and able to participate.

The Farm

The Farm is the perfect place to pet, feed, and learn all about the many amazing animals we have each summer. With goats, pigs, sheep, alpacas, bunnies, guinea pigs and more, there is plenty to see and do.

Fishing & Boating

Willow Lake is full of action as our campers are able to perfect their fishing skills trying to catch large mouth bass, small mouth bass, trout and sunfish.  Campers are always supervised by an experienced specialist and their counselors. Our campers also love to use our fleet of over 20 boats to go explore our lake.  Willow Lake is also home to the most popular camp turtle in the world- Snappy!

Super Science

Super science is “cool science”, not “school science”! Whether its making volcanos pour out lava or making play dough or gook, our super science program is fun and exciting!


What could be better than gigantic Lego pieces?  Gigantic Lego pieces at camp!  Legoland is located in a shaded, outdoor area.  Our campers use their imagination in this creative play activity where they can work together to build castles, houses and anything else they can think of!

Willow Zone

The Willow Zone is our 3 story covered playground, making it a great escape for some child led free play protected from the sun or rain. It has 4 slides, many games and obstacles, as well as numerous nooks, crannies, and paths for camper to explore.


The summer office is located in the oldest building on camp and contains all the magic to what makes Willow Lake such an amazing camp!

Dance & Cheerleading

Our campers love practicing their latest moves in our air-conditioned dance studio. Our dedicated dance staff work with campers to play games and learn routines. Our instructors choreograph full routines for those campers in 2nd grade and older who take dance or cheerleading as part of our elective program.


Our air-conditioned gymnastics studio was designed to cater to beginner and intermediate gymnasts. Our gymnastics specialists focus the program on the vault, lower balance beam and tumbling. We set up obstacle courses for younger campers to work on their motor skills and agility.


Whether it’s a morning assembly, practicing for the big show, a special event or our campers putting on outstanding performances, our Amphitheatre is the perfect venue. Our theater directors and pianist help campers learn their lines, moves and vocals to put on a show that would wow any audience.

Adventure Park

Our Adventure Park consists of 18 unique elements and obstacles and 15 platforms in the trees over 3 different courses for varying levels of difficulty and thrill, each ending in its own style of zip line. Beginners are able to focus on the easier courses, closer to the ground. More advanced campers can try their hand on the higher more challenging courses. All our adventure park staff are experienced climbers and are trained on our course during our intensive outdoor adventure orientation.

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