Each year our camp families write and tell us of the wonderful summer their campers had at Willow Lake. The following is a handful of quotes parents shared with us. Read why Willow Lake is the best choice for a summer day camp experience for your child!

[Willow Lake] is like a big family. We can all be ourselves and it gives you the opportunity to make new friends and learn new skills in a supportive environment.
— The Tempkin Family, Springfield

I find Willow Lake to be a very nurturing and supportive environment for children. I have always felt that my child is in safe and loving hands when she’s at camp. She always comes off the bus with a smile on her face. And she can’t wait to get back the very next day!
— The Zwerman Family, West Orange

Amazing summer, amazing counselors, CIT, office, leadership, owners etc. etc. etc.!! Our daughter did not want to go to camp (at first) and from day one this year she was given the support and extra TLC she needed!!! She loved it at day one. Forever grateful and cannot say enough on the level of excellence at Willow Lake!!
— The Ruderman Family, Montville

It’s a place to literally dream big—try new things, gain confidence in your abilities, expand your horizons with new people and feel supported and encouraged. And, most importantly, to have fun, laugh and play. Everyone smiles—not because they have to or feel they should, but because they WANT to.
— The Davis Family, Montclair

An overall amazing experience!! They loved seeing old friends and making new ones! Their counselors really encouraged them to overcome fears and try new things….The best thing about WL was the opportunity for my children to just be themselves, have fun and be challenged with new opportunities.
— The Vichengrad Family, Randolph

Willow Lake is like a sleep-away camp, but it’s a day camp. Everything is modern yet it’s in this beautiful rustic setting. Mountains, trees, flowers, lakes….Just stunning. It’s truly an amazing place. The staff, communications, counselors—all amazing and top notch.
— The Collins Family, Hoboken

Willow Lake has been an amazing camp for my 3 boys over the years. The environment is nurturing, warm, fun and supportive. My boys always felt challenged by the activities, swim program and level of sports. The staff is clearly hand-picked to meet the owners’ very high standards. As a parent I always felt comfortable calling to discuss any issue that came up and I truly appreciated how the owners intervened when necessary. I am truly grateful my boys got to spend their summers at Willow Lake.
— The Peled Family, Livingston

I would say that WL has so many amazing activities and provides kids with so many great experiences. Not only is my daughter having the best summer, but she’s also gaining more confidence in so many areas.
— The Bray Family, Towaco

In my child’s words, the best thing about the Willow Lake program was “EVERYTHING!” I asked him what his favorite activity was and he said, “swimming, wait, tubing, no, soccer, no just EVERYTHING!” I can really tell he always enjoys his time there, even though he comes home exhausted and a bit cranky. Haha it’s great!
— The Grainger Family, Maplewood

It is such a good feeling to know your children are having the time of their lives!
— The Darnell Family, North Caldwell

We’re really happy about the swim program, and that they are swimming twice a day. They’ve also been exposed to some new things that they’ve really enjoyed: ceramics, zip, hydro-tubing. And the variety has been great. I’m also happy to hear about the things you are emphasizing in “Dream Big.”
— The Tanner Family, Hoboken

My girls love everything about WL. They adore their counselors, they love the different activities and they have made great friends that they look forward to seeing every summer. They get to do things they would never do if they were home or at a rec camp. I wish they knew how lucky they are to have this opportunity.
— The Orozco Family, Kinnelon

The camp exceeded our expectations! This was our first year of camp and we had no idea how much fun our son would have, how much he would mature, and how many new and exciting things he would be invited to try.
— The Wettstein Family, Lake Hopatcong

The kids have had a wonderful summer. I am thrilled with the level of communication and care from staff. As a working mom, it sometimes feels difficult to feel like you’re aware of everything you need to be dealing with and I NEVER feel that way about WLDC. It is an unbelievable relief!
— The Groner Family, South Orange

Our neighbor’s kids (another Willow Lake camper) said it best: “I wish there weren’t weekends in the summer!”
— The Kleinman Family, Maplewood

Willow Lake certainly lived up to my expectations. I rarely give the highest marks possible….but honestly, when I receive services beyond my expectations then I like to give full praise. WL provides a superior camp experience. My son loves camp and is dazzled more often than not by the amazing activities and attention to detail….Willow Lake is a magical wonderland that becomes a camper’s familiar summer stomping grounds. There are always exciting new opportunities for kids to partake in yet the atmosphere feels comfortable and nurturing…just the perfect setting for kids to spread their wings, branch out and try new things! Our family loves Willow Lake!
— The Kerstan Family, South Orange

My daughter had an amazing summer. We are sorry for it to end….It is a fun, spirited camp with tons to do. My daughter came home every day with a huge smile on her face and tons of stories about her day!
— The Arcaro Family, Towaco

(Our son’s) first official camp summer has been awesome. Our expectations were blown away. He’s having a blast, runs onto the bus in the morning. He thinks his counselors are super cool, loves the special days and best of all he is happy and confident. As parents we love the way the camp is run. Excellent communication, caring staff and having a unit leader is great. Everyone is quick to respond and answer. Our son’s WL experience centers around fun. It’s simple. He feels safe, independent, has made lots of friends and is so proud of his accomplishments, is moving up in swimming levels (he was super excited to tell us he is going to learn to do a standing dive, zip lining (by far his favorite activity), doing the ropes course and loves science and cooking. As parents we love that he can thrive in a safe, fun environment that has such a well-rounded activity schedule.
— The Berkowitz Family, Maplewood

Willow Lake is an amazing camp where kids engage in more activities that can be counted in a supportive, and encouraging environment. Before my son’s first summer there, he was apprehensive and nervous to try new things. The camp changed that and he now embraces new activities and experiences with enthusiasm.
— The Glasofer Family, Montclair

WL provides the perfect combination of exciting activities and exposure to new things while at the same time fosters the building of new and existing friendships.
— The Fliegler Family, West Caldwell

It is nurturing, diverse and stimulating. There are endless amounts of creative activities and events. Definitely something for everyone. My daughter loved the whole experience.
— The Gunzberg Family, South Orange

Since [my son] has gotten older there is always a concern that he will “outgrow” day camp but he continues to have a great time.
— The Mazzella Family, Short Hills

Willow Lake is an awesome and exciting camp that provides my child with a fun filled, spirited summer where he’s able to have a great time with the staff and other campers. The staff and the program are exceptional! Once again my son cried on the last day because he doesn’t think he can wait until next summer to go back to camp.
— Michele Misher, North Caldwell

Thank you for making this summer the best summer so far of my young daughter’s life….You exceeded every expectation I had! From a business man, let me tell you that you run a first class camp all the way…but more importantly as a father you have carried on the love and affection that my child needs and deserves.
— Mike Lozier, Randolph

This was our first summer at Willow Lake and my kids had the greatest time! They had an all-around experience and made wonderful friendships and memories. I found the camp to be extremely organized and well-run….Willow Lake is the perfect day camp combining warm, loving staff and a tremendous diversity of activities. My kids came home every day full of excitement about what happened at camp. What more can you ask than that?
— Shari Mintz, Livingston

All of my expectations were surpassed. My daughter came home on the second day saying she wanted to go back next year—how amazing! She had a smile on her face every morning when she woke and when she got off the bus—nothing more you can want as a parent.
— Alissa Kaplan, South Orange

It is a wonderful all-around day camp experience. It offers so many different kinds of activities in a safe and extremely friendly environment. I recommend it completely and think it’s a fantastic opportunity and experience for children.
— Wendy Araten, Short Hills

Our children have attended Willow Lake for 3 years and have always had a positive experience. We appreciate how you continue to improve the facility, increase the variety of activities and still maintain a fresh and enthusiastic staff that engages the kids every day. Their smiling exhaustion at the end of each day is the ultimate testament to their camp experience!
— Steve Edwards, West Orange

We were thrilled with our son’s summer at Willow Lake. He came in cautious and unwilling to try new things and within a week was on the zip line, tubing and putting his head under water. His confidence grew and grew as the summer went on! We cannot believe all he accomplished and can’t wait for next summer…..Willow Lake offered an outstanding combination of fun, friendship and learning. Each week got better and better with fun special days, new activities and new challenges. We can’t believe how much our son grew and matured this summer. We can’t wait to come back and do it again.
— Rhea Gordon, Short Hills

Best camp on earth. I wish Willow Lake had a school.
— Dina Pearlman, Maplewood

I cannot express how much Willow Lake has changed my daughter’s life. Thank you for your support, nurturing environment and fabulous staff. I love this camp and can’t wait until next summer!
— Sarah Petrassi, West Orange

Willow Lake made my son happier than I have ever seen him. I can’t imagine a better camp. He had a well-rounded GREAT experience every day!!!
— Dawn Urbach, Springfield

Best place ever. Something for every child. A summer home.
— Renee Edelman, South Orange

Our girls had an amazing first summer at camp and we’re so glad that we chose Willow Lake. They loved all of the staff and were always excited to tell me about great things that they did during the day. Great summer!
— Staci Handler, Montville

Willow Lake truly understands how to help campers get the most of the camp experience. I felt my child was understood and cared for in the best way possible….
— Alison Hipscher, Rockaway Township

I was very happy with Willow Lake. I was nervous at first, as this was the first camp and bus experience for my child. However, immediately I was put at ease by the responsiveness and attentiveness of all the counselors, office staff and transportation director.
— Maribel Torres, Morris Plains

It is an incredible camp with incredible programming, amazing attention to detail and fantastic communication….Best camp ever! Nurturing environment that has endless opportunities for fun and development for your child!
— Sabina Potack, Montclair

This was our 8th year and Willow Lake has given my kids a sense of independence and tradition. It’s a safe and beautiful environment where they participate in activities they wouldn’t experience at home like nature, tubing, high ropes, archery and amazing trips. They have also made great friends and bonded with counselors.
— Brooke Lefferts, Maplewood

Willow Lake continues to exceed my expectations. The wonderfully varied activities expose my daughter to so many things she might not otherwise experience outside of camp.
— Susan Frankel, Stockholm

My son has not stopped talking about camp….He is in heaven and so are we! Yet again, the Willow Lake staff has outdone themselves.
— Randi Lipton, West Orange

My children were excited to go to camp every morning and every night wanted to review their schedules for the next day. They had an amazing summer!
— Melissa Gelade, Livingston

Willow Lake understands kids, how they function and tailors the program to that…The program keeps them busy, challenges them, but is able to meet their emotional needs.
— Naomi Falange, Randolph

The best thing about Willow Lake is that (the children) have the opportunity to try new things and spend time being kids! The range of experiences that are so different from those offered at school and after school programming are terrific.
Beth Kitzinger, South Orange